The Reaping #22

Debauche – Songs From Underground (Album)

Debauche call themselves a ‘Russian Mafia Band from New Orleans’ who play “very sad songs of Russian criminals,songs from jail, orphans, prostitutes & lesbians”. Their history is peppered with fantasy but I’m pretty sure the singer is Ukrainian (from Odessa) and their music is a mixture of Gypsy Punk, Klezmer and other Folk styles from both Ukraine and The Balkans.

They recently became one of my favourite Gypsy bands so it was a lovely surprise to suddenly see this release pop up without warning. I don’t have a favourite song yet so have posted the whole album.

Sir Jarlsberg feat. Aesop Rock, Kimya Dawson,Blockhead,Lateef,Jon Gibson & ALL CHUMS – All’S Faire

Taking it a step further from Chap Hop, Sir Jarlsberg from New York (or New Amsterdam as he prefers) channels some kind of middle ages knight meets 16th Century English poet for his rhymes. With this posse cut he talks an amazing array of chums into similar madness. Love it.

Hollie Cook – Postman

Big fan of Hollie’s Rootsy Lovers Rock blend with a touch of Punk attitude – this is the kind of tune that subtly hypnotises you and keeps pulling you back in for more. Actually that’s her all over.

Pressure – Don’t Trouble Trouble

Recently I rediscovered Blaktrix and Optimas Prime’s ‘Trouble Trouble’ and this new track from Pressure Busspipe not only has a similar message, it’s also got that big Dub heavy Roots Reggae sound that I love so much.

The ‘War Inna Dance’ riddim album it’s from is released on 21st October.
You can pre-order here.

Days n Daze – Fallout

They definitely do Folk Punk a little different to us over in Houston but I’m still a big fan of this raspy Bluegrass (or Thrashgrass as it’s been called) band. Although this is a new video, the track can be found on their 7″ split Black Vinyl single with the equally excellent Rail Yard Ghosts (still a few copies available here). If you’re not a vinyl junkie then you can pick up a digital copy from the same link or just the Days N’ Daze side from a ‘pay what you want’ release on their Bandcamp.

Looptroop Rockers – Troublemakers

However if you’re not a vinyl person then you might miss out on owning a copy of this slammer, as it’s only being pressed on a bonus 7″ to go with their new double vinyl album ‘Naked Swedes’ (which you can pre-order here). Of course that doesn’t stop you bumping it from this link right now. I suggest turning it up loud.

Prof – Farout

‘Super hot babes’ in skimpy outfits and big pimpin’ daydreams might not be what we’re used to from the Rhymesayers label but this is a lovely slice of funk with some heavyweight bass, so if that kind of video’s really not your vibe then just check the Soundcloud link below.

Eskorzo – Camino de Fuego (Album)

Big thanks to Sonido Vegetal for the heads up on these guys, been meaning to post for a while but here it finally is. Formerly the Eskorzo Afrobeat Experience, these guys from Granada in Spain have similar elements of Latin Afro-Fusion acts such as Melt Yourself Down or Chiva Gantiva that have been smashing it over the summer. I’d imagine from their sound that they also have a high energy live show like both those acts too, can’t wait to find out.

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