Just a quick one as off on a secret mission to Paris for few days, back for Simple Things on Saturday (hopefully none of the others are reading my blog this early in the morning or the secret is up!).

General Degree – Nuh Fraid a Dem

The formidable Mr Cardiff Butt is back with a storming new track.

Beans On Toast – The Chicken Song

Heard Jay doing this at Bestival this year. A common paradox of knowing the chicken you’re eating is wrong, but still loving the taste. Don’t do it people! If you must eat chicken try and make sure you know where it’s been farmed (and that they treat their chickens well).

BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah feat. Elzhi – Gunshowers

If only every member of the Wu Tang still had as much flame as Ghostface. Apparently there’s a whole album coming with this extremely talented young Canadian Jazz trio, if every tracks is as quality as this, I can’t bloody wait.

Dizraeli & The Small Gods – The Depths

I’ve heard good things about Dizraeli and the crew’s new tunes they’ve been playing out and if this is any indication I’m excited. Everyone in fine form and although Cate Ferris is no longer with the group (though she is doing some fine solo work), Bellatrix shows she has a helluva singing voice that works within the style of their tracks just perfectly.

LV + Joshua Idehen – Imminent (Slick Shoota Remix)

The Jungle Wars put me onto a whole new generation of talented Jungle influenced producers. Although Slick Shoota was already on my radar a while back, he seems to be hitting it a bit heavier these days. This is a killer refix of a new(ish) LV + Joshua Idehen (Benin City) track. Works perfectly.

NewTown Kings – Grabbed My Hands

Some nice vibes from this young London Ska and Reggae outfit. Saw them warm up for The Aggrolites recently and we’ve had them a few times at BoomTown. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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