The Reaping #24

Rather an epic post ahead, and this has been heavily edited, just too many good tunes about. As always post your favourite new tracks in the comments below.

The Rumjacks – Blows & Unkind Words

New single from the rowdy Folk Punk band out of Sydney, Australia. It precedes their 2nd album ‘Sober & Godless’ which is due out early next year. Definitely a Celtic vibe, for fans of The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, etc.

Too Many Zooz – Flightning

This trio from New York are one of my new favourites. A big sound for just 3 players and possibly a new genre with Brass House. If you’re not sure what that might be, just take a listen.

Rocky Dawuni – African Thriller

The Cumbancha label have released such spectacular artists as Kobo Town, Bombino, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars and of course my house mate Joe Driscoll and his compadre Sekou Kouyate. This is the label’s latest video, a track from the Ghanaian singer that has been floating around for a whole as a Jeremy Sole remix of the original. Love the blurred lines which could make it a Reggae, Swing or Moombahton track with just a few changes. As it stands I don’t know what it is, other than brilliant.

T.O.K. feat. Jr. Reid & Maino – Pour Some Liquor

Aside from being a wicked Rub-A-Dub track dedicated to friends who have passed away, this video makes me wish Jr Reid had his own cartoon series.

TerraHawk feat. Tenor Fly – Calm B4 The Storm

Not posted any Dubwise or Jungle in a while, possibly cos there’s so much good stuff it’s tricky to know what to pick out. However this tune gets extra marks for the Arcadia, Chai Wallahs and Circo Baile footage in the video.

Yesking – Devil Inside

Glad this is getting a single release, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect back on what a great album ‘Re-Record.. Not Fade-Away’ was. Plus Ríoghnach Connolly’s voice works so well over Reggae (as it does over Folk, Blues or pretty much anything).

Looptroop Rockers – Slippin’

One of my favourite tracks from the new Looptroop Rockers album (truth be told I only bought this one and the seriously heavy as f**k ‘We Got Guns’) – definitely light hearted but loving that Swing. I reckon we could get away with this in a Big Swing Soundsystem set. For some reason it sounds Australian to me (on a Bliss N Eso, Thundamentals or maybe even Hilltop Hoods vibe).

Ombre Zion – Wallou

Released as part of the Evolution Project, a Senegalese collective which features some of the contry’s finest underground artists, from traditional to Soul, Jazz and of course Reggae.

Tumi feat. Reason & Ziyon – In Defence of my Art

Finally, further down the continent is South African rapper Tumi alongside label mate Reason and Ziyon, the vocalist from popular House duo Liquideep. Taken from Tumi’s upcoming 3rd solo album, ‘Return Of The King’.

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