Gypsy Tribe Of Frogs

Kaptin Dead Gypsy

Before last year’s Tribe Of Frog Halloween Party it had been a few years since I’d got to play a full set of Gypsy and Balkan tunes. Funnily enough that was also a Halloween party, one of our Secret Gardens’ in Cardiff (see pic above). However at last year’s event one of the CDJs wasn’t working so had to play the whole set on one deck! Not my finest as you can probably imagine although bless the people who did stay til the end.

So this year the Frogs invited me back and here’s the set. It starts rather fast as the DJ before was playing Drum N Bass (the very start of my set is missing) and ends on more of a Big Swing Soundsystem tip as the Dutty Moonshine boys were on straight afterwards. I mixed it up with some of my favourite Gypsy Punk bands in there too, some of whom we’ve had at Boomtown Fair in the past, and some of whom you might well see in the future. Enjoy, and if you do please pass it on. Full tracklisting below (might be a few mistakes as just skimmed back through the set quickly but think I’ve got it right).

Boban & Marko Markovic Orchestra – Turbo Dizel (Turbo Diesel)
Yurcash – Patriot
The Woohoo Revue – The Goose, The Moose & The Boose
SkaZka Orchestra – More (BalkanVision Remix)
Traktorkestar – Slegg Slegg
Kaligola Disco Bazar – The King Of Jokes (Lazarus Sound System Remix)
Kumpania Algazarra – Almighty Love
Buffo’s Wake -Die Die Die
Babbutzi Orkestar – Gipsyzauro
Los Callejeros – Amourouse
Babbutzi Orkestar – Sciu sciu le praline
Adriano Bono – Il Clown
Polkaholix – Polka Kebab
Giufà – Fanfara Rom
SkaZka Orchestra – Clichè No. 1
Schlachthofbronx feat. Kein Vorspiel – Chupchik
Dead Players – Yeah
Smokey Joe & The Kid – Rascal Wars
Jamie Berry – NFY
Dr Cat & Dj Pony – Can The Frog Tap Dance
Castro – Minnie The Moocher
Ludwig Van Dirty Bach – Bad City Swing
Big Rude Jake – Swing, Baby! (Remix)
Paulo Nutini – Pencil Full Of Lead (Jamie Berry Remix)
Swahn – Looney Swing (DJ Mibor Remix)
Stranger Danger – LIDS
Yolanda Be Cool feat Crystal Waters – Le Bump
Louis Armstrong – Go Down Moses (Dj Zed Remix) – Tony Maroni Bootleg Edit
JFTH – South Park Theme (Bootleg)
Bart & Baker – Troublesome Trumpet (Murder On The Blue Notes) (James Copeland Remix)
Adriano Bono – Gypsy Reggae
Gypsy Unit – The Highlights

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