Mundial Montreal

Next week I shall be making my first trip to Canada for Mundial Montreal, one of the premier World Music conferences. Although I’ve always had an aversion to ‘music industry’ events, the World Music scene is a totally different affair and I’m very much looking forwards to catching up with everyone and seeing some of the acts they have performing there. Also can’t wait to have a wander around Montreal.

Sadly I shall be missing both Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra and Lemon Bucket Orkestra as I need to leave early to get back for In Full Swing (Saturday 22nd November at Koko Gorilaz in Cardiff). However, here’s a few of the bands I’m hoping to catch. I’m afraid there’s no write ups for them as I need to rush out, but if you want to find out more go and check out the Mundial website.

Pierre Kwenders

The Dead South


Andino Suns

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1 Response to Mundial Montreal

  1. Xandi says:

    Really sounds amazing! Enjoy it 😉

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