The Reaping #26

Another selection of Gyp-Hop, Hip-hop, One Drop, Argyle Socks, French Polka, Drunken English Folk, Rubadubstep and Grime.

Soviet Suprem – Soviet Suprem Party

Another fun and fantastic track from the Parisian duo and their mix of light hearted rhymes, Balkan Beats and Perestroika period Russian style.

Run The Jewels – Blockbuster Night Part 1

I think the Run The Jewels stuff might be my favourite material from El-P yet (and possibly Killer Mike but I’m not so familiar with all his previous work). The beats are ridiculously on point, they make me nod my head so much I’m scared to watch this video on my computer in case I accidentally smash the screen, and the rhymes pack a mighty punch, complimenting each other perfectly.

Gardna & Fogata Sounds – Champion Step

Wicked combination of the French Rubadubstep dons and the young Bristol rapper who always works well over a Reggae influenced beat.

Beans on Toast – A Whole Lot of Loving

‪Notis & Iba Mahr‬ ‪feat. Tarrus Riley‬ ‪-‬ ‪Diamond Sox Remix

Been loving hearing Tarrus Riley on more of a Dancehall tip recently, suits him well. Plus with Christmas coming up, adding him was the perfect excuse to rerelease this dedication to argyle socks. I’m just waiting for the Comfy Slippers Skank.

La Gapette – Au Bistrot des Comptines

Caught a sneak preview of this video a few months back, lovely little animation and I’m a big fan of the track from La Gapette. Quality uptempo Chanson with a touch of Gypsy Polka.

Maga Dog – Time To Stand Up

I’m well aware of Italy’s well established Reggae scene, however this band are a new one to me, despite being around since 2005. Classic Roots Reggae revolutionary vibe.

Lazarus and the Plane Crash – The Clay’s A Calling

Wow, love this. I wish more of the music that I could lazily lump under the Vintage Remix banner was like this. This is definitely something for the headphones rather than the club – it’s like The Doors ‘Alabama Song’, Steve Harley’s ‘Mr Soft’ and a bunch of Tom Waits and Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band songs all smoothed out and rolled into one. I don’t know much about Lazarus and the Plane Crash but there’s a definite connection with The Real Tuesday Weld who were a big influence on our Big Swing Soundsystem project.

The track is a couple of years old but has been revived on this charity EP (which also includes TRTW, The Puppini Sisters and Martyn Jacques of The Tiger Lillies) to raise money for the restoration of Brompton Cemtery In London.

Dizzee Rascal – Pagans

Dizzee back on form – another dark Trap influenced Grime beat (produced by Footsie) and nothing but straight rhyme flow. The kung fu video is dope too.

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