This Other Time At Bandcamp

Although there can never be any replacement for the guy in the Record Shop who knows exactly how to part you from your funds (and sad to hear that Catapult Records in Cardiff is the latest Record Shop to finally climb into the pages of mythology and legend for a well deserved rest), it often feels that the team at Bandcamp always recommend the best possible music on their site, plus their radio show manages to fill the current Chrome Kids shape hole in my life perfectly šŸ˜‰

Here’s a few of my purchases from tonight I think you need to hear.

With a classic sound that puts her somewhere in the realms of Nancy Sinatra, this is one of the most beautiful debut releases I’ve heard in a long time. All I can really find out about her is she’s from Los Angeles and was a student of last year’s RBMA. It’s made me realise I’m well over due a visit to LA.

Latest single from globe trotting French producer iZem featuring Feather out of Dublin city on vocals. This track has an almost Brazilian laid back vibe to it, definite soul soother.

Anything from Georgia Anne Muldrow will always get a listen from me and this is one of my favourite recent releases to carry her signature. Not come across Ian Kamau before but very impressed with him on this, hopefully hear plenty more from the Toronto based MC / Musician in the future.

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