Kaligola Disco Bazar – Gone

Last year Andrea Cota aka DJ / Producer Mondo Cane battled against many odds to make it to BoomTown Fair with his band Veeblefetzer & The Manigolds. I had already given up hope that the show might go ahead, especially as the Jolly Dodger had been closed down due to the wind and rain and a big demonstration in London had meant our (second) lift for them was gridlocked and would not have made it to them and back to the festival in time, so I advised him to stay in Brixton, where the band had played a gig the night before.

Unperturbed, the band made it onto a train, Sousaphone and all, and from what I heard played a fantastic gig on the Jolly Dodger (only 10 minutes behind schedule too I believe). One thing I’ve learned never to underestimate, is the power of determination.

Italy has a great selection of Gypsy / Balkan Beats style bands and Andrea is in at least 3 of my favourites. Kaligola Disco Bazar from Rome are one of those bands and this is their latest single which you can buy from the Batov Records Bandcamp now.

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