Introducing DSTRKT 5

We have a brand new stage (in fact a whole new district) at BoomTown Fair this year, a 90ft Rave Palace! Check the video for a little taster, as well as the line up of artists who shall be gracing it. There’s also the Boombox and Bodyshop line ups and a special Street Party takeover from a legendary party family. In fact there’s a whole lot of legends going on here. It’s like a history of Dance Music culture in the UK. From those originators, SP:23 through to some of the kings of early 90s rave such as Top Buzz and Ratpack – then of course the Jungle days are well represented with the likes of: Goldie and Dillinja in the Metalheadz Takeover; LTJ Bukem going back to back with A Guy Called Gerald, Nicky Blackmarket and Randall, not to mention the Renegade Hardware crew…

…actually, I’m giving everything away by reminiscing over my younger days. Watch the video! There are plenty of other acts, in fact some of the biggest Drum N Bass names out there, a couple of Techno legends, the best Glitch hop around and also a massive 10 hour Boombox takeover from 2 absolute DJ institutions… Good Times indeed 🙂

To give the game away just a little bit further, here’s a few new tunes from by some of the other acts who will be visiting us at DSTRKT 5 this year.

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