I think I’m going to need to split this section in 2 at least, so let’s go with the 2 different stages.

First up is Circo Baile, our biggest indoor Dance venue where various forms of Bass music, mix with Garage (both old and new) and as with last year a few House DJs popping up too (though keeping it more on the heavy side of course). The original Dubstep pioneers get a nod with Loefah and his Swamp 81 family showcasing where their sounds have led, and Pinch who teams up with one of the greatest Dub producers of all time, Adrian Sherwood for their new project. I could maybe include The Bug & Flow Dan in that lot though to call them Dubstep at any point of their careers is tenuous at best. Going back even further than all of these though (and definitely not Dubstep) is Phil Hartnoll from groundbreaking duo Orbital! Hopefully he’ll show these kids a thing or 2 bout how it’s done properly 😉

The Kurupt FM boys from BBC’s People Just Do Nothing make a welcome return and as big Garage fans, they are in good company with UK Garage legend Matt ‘Jam’ Lamont from Tuff Jam, DJ EZ and DJ Q – plus look out for some of the producers riding high right now, such as Preditah, Cause & Affect and Paleman. Actually too many artists to name. just have a look at the poster above and check out this YouTube playlist which features many of them on it. Shall post about Poco Loco and the Hip-hop soon.

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