KKC Orchestra – 1994

I could have sworn I played with these guys many years ago at the Toucan club in Cardiff, but I can only find evidence of them going back 5 years, far too late to have been the case. Regardless of whether they actually existed back then, this track is far more in line with the Funk Hip-hop I remember them playing (or at the very least remember somebody who I thought was them playing – confused?) than the Electro Swing vibes they are perhaps better known for now. In short, this is a dope Hip-hop track, with vibes harking back to the year of the title. Whether that is reflected in the lyrics too, I’m not sure, mon français est très mauvais, as last weekend in the French speaking part of Belgium attested to.

The album came out yesterday, plus you can grab a bunch of free remixes from it here, including damn fine producers such as AlgoRythmik, Grant Lazlo and Vassilli Gemini .

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