Glastonbury Highlights 2015

If you didn’t go to Glastonbury, you’re probably sick to death of hearing about it. If you did go, then you’ve probably still not got any remaining energy or brain cells to be reading this, and even if you did, why would you want to read somebody else’s highlights? You have your own beautiful and hazy memories to try and grasp onto. Regardless of all of these facts, here’s my Glastonbury musical highlights, as best I can remember them.

Gregory Porter

After a ridiculously fun morning hanging out at the underground Piano Bar , drinking Buckfast and listening to Mike Freear from Slamboree knocking out 90s Dance Classics on the keys, I needed a little something to sooth my soul and Gregory Porter up at West Holts was the perfect remedy. In fact I’m watching it again now just to help get over the post Glastonbury blues. Fantastic performer with a voice that reaches so deep into your soul that he’s more surgeon than singer. I really enjoyed Soil & Pimp Sessions just before him too.

Super Furry Animals

After a fairly disappointing day of music on Friday, I knew I could rely on my mates The Furries to come through, and they did in fine fashion. I have to admit I still know very few of their tunes, but this was my third time watching them (together) and they have never failed to deliver an exciting and well executed show. Even though I was starting to flag, by the time their epic live version of The Man Don’t Give A Fuck, complete with experimental Techno breakdown and a transformation into a gang of Yetis, was over – I was totally back on form and ready to head back into the depths of Shangri La for some all night (and all day) raving.

* I also enjoyed an impromptu psychedelic set from Gulp up at the Crows Nest. The band consists of Guto Pryce from SFA, his partner Lindsey Leven and Gid Goundrey on guitar. They also have a drummer, but he wasn’t around for this set.

Future Islands

I had the first heads up on these guys when a couple of my mates went to see them at South By South West, but it was their performance on David Letterman that really made me skip the end of Lionel Richie to go see them (to be fair we were half way down the Pyramid field and couldn’t hear Lionel anyway).

Samuel T Herring is a phenomenal front man. He sings (and let’s not forget the dancing) with so much passion, that you know he feels every word that comes out of his mouth, and you can’t help but love him for it.

Dubioza Kolektiv

Although they played during the early hours of Monday morning, by which time I’d given every ounce of my spirit to the festival Gods, I had to stay up and watch these guys. Luckily it was totally worthwhile, they exceeded expectations and rocked the Hell Stage to the core. Just as well really as we have them playing twice for us at BoomTown. Once at the Town Centre Stage and once on the Jolly Dodger pirate ship. If you’re coming, make sure you catch at least one of those slots.

Too Many Zooz

I tried booking these guys last year after catching one of their viral videos, busking in the New York Subway. I’ve posted a few of their tracks on this blog also. You’re never going to catch the full force of their show until you catch them live though. For just a 3 piece band (Baritone Saxophone, pimped up Drum and Trumpet) they carry a lot of power and energy. The Glade stage was rocking from start to finish and by the end of their set was totally packed out.

Dutty Moonshine Big Band

Although I only caught the very end of their set on Hell, they absolutely killed it! With my brother in arms Hypeman Sage on rhyme duty, Maria Laveau from the Voodoo Collective singing, Temple Funk Collective on Brass and the Dutty boys on the beats, how could it not be slamming. The early morning Hell crowd were really receptive too, I’m looking forwards to their set at BoomTown this year.


I’ve already booked these guys for the Old Mines stage at BoomTown but by chance happened to be camped next to them also. They played a number of sets over the weekend and although I caught the quietest one up at the Gully Stage in Silver Hayes, it was still really enjoyable.

Seven Little Sisters

Despite my long and optimistic list of acts to see, the first band to really catch my ears was a random find. Whilst waiting backstage at the Hell stage to DJ, I caught the sound of some seriously rocking Hillbilly madness coming from somewhere nearby. I ran out to the next field to find these boys at Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues. The recorded material, as is often the case, doesn’t quite do justice to their live show but they had the whole tent dancing hard to their balls out blend of Bluegrass, Cow Punk and Folk, including me.

Of course the main highlight for me was playing a packed out Heaven Stage on Thursday night with Big Swing Sound and the brother Hypeman Sage. It was one of my favourite sets I’ve played at the festival, so huge thanks to everyone that made it down.

Although I keep promising myself that I’ll head back to Fusion festival really soon, and regardless how big Glastonbury gets, or how many people manage to invade without the spirit of the festival inside them (yes there are a number of dickheads unfortunately, but they’re still the minority). I’m pretty sure I’ll be back next year, it’s just too important to miss.

See you then?

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