Lyrics Born feat Preservation Hall Jazz Band – That’s It!

I posted the original PHJB track on here a while back but love what Lyrics Born has done with it and you’ll almost definitely be hearing this in some of our Big Swing Sound sets. The whole album is worth checking out too, Lyrics Born still delivering the goods as always.


Actually speaking of Big Swing Sound, I almost forgot to post up OUR new tune. We just uploaded it to Soundcloud yesterday but if you’ve caught us live with Hypeman Sage over the past few months you’ve probably heard it and we’ve been playing the original Dr Cat & DJ Pony track for a while. I love what Sage has done with it and it’s the perfect follow up to his Swing Ting tune that first put us on to him in the first place. It’s definitely a perfect introduction to what we do live too, as none of our mixes really bring that across. It’s a different realm online so we always like to do something different, whereas live it’s all about the party.

If you’re feeling the track (or any of the tracks I post come to that) then please pass it round.

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