BoomTown Music Top Tips – Town Centre 2015

Just had to pick out some Top Tips for the BoomTown programme so thought I might as well share here where I can give a better picture of each act. I had to pick 5 for each District so I’m going to start with the Town Centre then try and get as many other Districts in as I can before BoomTown (ok so Town Centre not strictly a district but since when did we ever stick to the rules). They’re a mixture of headliners and bands you might not have heard of, but if I’m right in my estimation, these will be some of the best sets of the whole weekend.


I’ve posted these guys up a few times on the blog. They’re part of the Chinese Man family, and although they’re still fairly fresh over here, they are massive in France and much of Europe and they bring incredible energy to their live shows. I think once they make a little crack into the UK, they will start flooding the place. Make sure you’re there for the start of that!

La Pegatina

Would love to see this kind of energy in the crowd when these guys come to BoomTown, they definitely deserve it. Although lesser known in the UK than the legendary Manu Chao, these boys carry a similar Mestizo sound and vibe and they should definitely get people excited about them once they’ve seen them perform live. I’m already excited!

Flogging Molly

I’ve still never seen these guys live so I intend to be down the front for their set, singing along to Drunken Lullabies and jumping round like a loon – even if just for 20 minutes whilst someone holds my radio. for those who don’t know, they’re one of the best Folk Punk bands around and they come from Los Angeles.


A lot of people got excited when they found out I’d booked these guys. They are the first band performing on Saturday and they’re the perfect band to pick you out of your morning after blues and give your soul a shakedown, ready for the day ahead.

Dubioza Kolektiv

As I posted up recently, I caught these guys at Glastonbury this year and they put on one hell of a show. They’ve been on my wants list for a while and I actually booked them before Glastonbury, and since then I’ve noticed that they finally have a few more gigs lined up over here which is great to see. Of course this will be the best one 😉

Of course you’ve also got plenty of other great bands on this stage such as Gogol Bordello, Caravan Palace, Less Than Jake, Streetlight Manifesto, Goldie Lookin’ Chain, The Beat, Dub Pistols and plenty more. For a run down of all the stages check out

I will hopefully get another district up tomorrow. Probably TrenchTown and the Lion’s Den, so make sure you check back or give the blog an official follow.

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2 Responses to BoomTown Music Top Tips – Town Centre 2015

  1. Lewis Cook says:

    Good stuff, cheers! I note there are tonnes of DJs playing Boomtown, do you know if the festival programme will advise what type of tunes they’ll be spinning?

    • kaptinsblog says:

      For most of them yes and the stage they’re playing should give some indication also (i.e. Psychedelic Forest – Psy-Trance, Bang Hai Palace – mostly D&B, Lion’s Den – Reggae / Jungle, Poco Loco – Hip-hop, Rave Yard – Acid Techno, etc).

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