Hjálmar – Hlauptu Hratt

Perhaps it’s the post festival blues, which would be unfair considering I still have at least 2 festivals left to go, but much as I’m finding some great music at the moment, nothing has inspired me to share it with you guys. This latest track from my favourite Icelandic Reggae group isn’t better than everything else that’s been coming my way, but as very few people over here seem to share this stuff I felt it my duty to post up… and I have to say after playing it I do feel marginally heightened from my unsatisfied blue funk. It’s got a touch of the Stevie Wonder about it, and maybe even Third World who incidentally I went to see last night. Actually while we’re on that I’ve seen some great Reggae this week already! Monday night I went to see the divine Marcia Griffiths alongside her old compadres Judy Mowatt (between them they were two thirds of the I-Threes) and Bob Andy (as in Bob & Marcia, who had hits such as Young Gifted & Black and Pied Piper in the very early 70s). Marcia proved she is indeed royalty, although I was less impressed with Richie Spice who was also on the line up (as was Tanya Stephens but I arrived too late to catch her set). He has the tunes no question, but he doesn’t quite have the presence or energy to carry them off live unfortunately.

Last night I went to check out Third World at the Jazz Cafe. I enjoyed their set but have to say that I preferred their support act, Iqulah Rastafari, a Jamaican Roots Reggae artist from St Ann‘s, now based in California. Although he’s been recording since the mid 80s, I confess he’s been under my radar til now. I was mightily impressed by both him and Gideon Family, the band who were backing him. If you’re in London and it’s still before Friday 4th September 2015, go check them out at Vibes & Pressure, the night that Natty puts on over at Passing Clouds. I bought a copy of his Food For Thought album from the gig but haven’t had a chance to see if the recorded music quite matches up to the live, let’s hope so!

Actually here’s one of the tracks from the album and a newer track that’s not on there, both courtesy of Reggaeville.

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