The Ska Vengers – Frank Brazil

Loving the latest video from New Delhi band, The Ska Vengers.

The video follows three different chapters in the life of Udham Singh (aka Frank Brazil), an Indian revolutionary whose life changed in 1919 when he witnessed hundreds of unarmed protestors being killed and wounded by British Troops in the Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre.

Udham became involved in the movement to overthrow colonial rule, helping to organise Indians overseas, and eventually after some time in prison, travelled to London and in 1940, assassinated Michael O’Dwyer, the former Governor of Punjab and the man he held responsible for the massacre.

As well as a great song, the story is also told anachronistically through a stunning animated video by Kunal Sen and Tisha Deb Pillai, with input from the band members. The result is definitely one of my favourite animated music videos, beautiful work indeed.

Keep an eye on The Ska Vengers, I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from them in future and also check out India-2-Africa Bootleg Versions, the latest release from band vocalist Delhi Sultanate. Here’s one of the tracks, over Stephen Marley‘s Rock Stone Riddim.

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