LA Priest – Lady’s In Trouble With The Law

So last weekend I hit Festival No. 6 for Matt The Hat‘s Stag Do and our first Big Swing Sound Kids Show. You might think the two should never be combined but actually both went off rather spectacularly and no children were hurt in the process.

It’s perhaps lucky that the show was right at the start of the weekend, in fact not even the stag was there at this point, which left the rest of the time at the festival for being rather less responsible. All in all we had a great time and Portmeirion has to be one of the most stunning locations for a festival, though I managed to miss any live music I actually wanted to see (which by all accounts was pretty slim – though we fared much better with DJs: Horse Meat Disco; Andrew Weatherall; DJ Harvey; Unabombers, were just some of the names we managed to throw some shapes to). I was particularly upset about missing Grace Jones, even without the excess of alcohol that the others were putting away, I was wiped out by the Sunday and managed to snooze through the whole thing.

As you might gave guessed, another act I managed to miss was LA Priest, though we did manage to listen to the whole album in our epic communal tent. Thankfully he shall also be at Bestival this weekend, so hopefully will catch him then, as I’ve been loving his Princely pop-twisted Electro Funk smoothness lately. He reminds me a little of Thor Rixon which is certainly no bad thing in my books. Above is his latest video which just dropped today.

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2 Responses to LA Priest – Lady’s In Trouble With The Law

  1. lyndsey says:

    Did matt the hat dress up in baywatch clothes by any chance???

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