Sam Binga feat. Romaine – Greatest Distance

Label of the day has to go to Critical Music. No this isn’t a new section that I’m kicking off, it’s a one off, that might happen again in future. It started with a little Ivy Lab and Mefjus excursion earlier this morning (or Mef:Lab as their one collaboration EP is so brilliantly titled) and has climaxed with the new Sam Binga album…. well some of it at least. I’m still working in the office and my internet’s been down in the house for months now, so I can’t be too indulgent but the new video with Slick Don is a total trip (check it out on their Facebook page) and that led me to this lovely chilled track with Romaine Smith, who we already know suits the experimental electronic laid back meanderings of Bristol dwellers due to his work with Typesun.

Okay so that’s only 2 tracks but these along with the rest of Sam’s back catalogue is enough for any self respecting electronic music lover to purchase the whole release immediately and proclaim Critical Records as the saviours of everything.

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