Clap! Clap! – Simple EP

Black Acre have always been a solid label for hype forward thinking Electronic beats and their signing of Clap! Clap! last year further solidified that. He’s since become one of my current favourite DJ / Producers and their partnership has born such tasty fruit as the Tambacounda EP and his Tayi Bebba album.

If these 2 offerings from the forthcoming 6 track Simple EP is anything to go by we can expect more jazzy, experimental House, Techno and Broken Beat, influenced by global rhythms and in some cases it would seem, Chicago Footwork. Never cramming in too many flavours so as to disturb the groove but always keeping it very interesting indeed.

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1 Response to Clap! Clap! – Simple EP

  1. shannelm says:

    Oooh I like the way that feels

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