Baltimore, Where You At?

If you’re only cultural reference to Baltimore is The Wire then you obviously missed the late noughties when Baltimore Club music seemed to be everywhere here in the UK. In fact the first Chrome Kids DJ sets had plenty and it was all over the blog back then, but after a short blanket invasion, all of a sudden we just didn’t hear it anymore.

Hopefully this respectful and well executed documentary from French director Tim Moreau will remind people how well it works in the club, I’m already considering packing a few of the classics next time I play. In fact is there any Gypsy / Balkan B-more I could drop at Tribe Of Frog in Bristol tonight? Surely that’s a whole genre waiting to happen, Balkan Baltimore!

Update: A quick scour of Soundcloud has revealed a Balkan Beat Box B-more remix and this great remix of Caravan PalaceJolie Coquine with a little bit of Leningrad Super Good thrown in for good measure. Sadly no downloads but I shall see what I can hunt down.

I’ve also got this remix of the Cantina Request band that I used to play in our Big Swing sets regularly. It’s definitely a start at least.

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One Response to Baltimore, Where You At?

  1. Offbeat says:

    Damn, that Jolie Coquine remix sounds sick!

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