Iceland Airwaves 2015 – Part 5

Okay, so before I had to go and herd sheep I was telling you all about Saturday night at the festival.

After Reykjavíkurdætur I decided to try and get in early for Beach House but the queue was already insane and it was looking unlikely I’d even make it in to see them, so I headed back over to the Art Museum to catch some of Young Karin an RNB singer from Reykjavik who reminded me a little of Jhene Aiko. She was certainly a solid enough artist but wasn’t quite filling the gap I needed.

That gap was filled by the OBGMs (Oh Baby Gimee More’s) a ‘Garage Party Punk‘ band from Toronto who managed to get me (and the majority of the crowd) jumping and moshing along to their set. Young and unpretentious (though charmingly cocky still) with a refreshing take on the music and bags of energy, I’d certainly go catch them again. Here’s their brand new single.

Next up was a band I’ve played a few times on our Chrome Kids radio show and although I’d actually taken them off my schedule, the queues meant I saw them after all. I’m glad I did because they were one of my highlights!

You can’t always tell from music so deceivingly delicate what an act such as Hundred Waters is going to be like live. Will it just be some introverted artist who has never left their bedroom, hiding behind a laptop? In this case it most certainly wasn’t. They are a 3 piece band, who all entered fully into their performance and the singer / keyboard player Nicole Miglis pulled me right in so I could feel every note she sang.

I have to admit I’d totally missed their last album which was released on OWSLA in North America and !K7 in Europe, but I’ve just bought it now so going to listen to it later tonight. If the last album and their live show is anything to go by it’s got to be a winner.

I’d seen London based singer Nao a number of times with her old band The Boxettes and always rated her, plus heard some great material since she went solo so was glad to be able to catch her at Airwaves, especially in front of a packed out crowd who appreciated every minute of her set.

Nao is everything that AlunaGeorge once promised to be and a whole lot more. British Street Soul at it’s finest and an RNB star in the making who could easily match up to the majority of her US contemporaries judging by this tightly delivered and high energy performance.

Sadly we popped out of the venue and couldn’t get back in to catch SOPHIE due to the huge queues that seem to be inescapable at Airwaves and pretty much every inner city festival I’ve been to, but the earlyish night was welcomed as it was going to be a long last day. Starting with those sheep. I’ll hopefully tell you all about it tomorrow.

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