KRTS feat. Tito & Charles – My Head Is Jumpin’

Been a fan of Project Mooncircle for many years. I don’t think any label reflected what we were trying to do with Chrome Kids better. Their mission to represent “the fusion of organic and electronic music” is exactly what we set out to do.

This latest video from label signing KRTS explores the insanity of violence, in particular the much recorded yet still incredibly widespread bullying behaviour of many police officers. The track itself is soulful and deceptively light though the depth and melancholy is unavoidable, reminding me of some of Thom Yorke‘s finest moments. It features Charles Larson and Tito Ramsey of the Brooklyn-based Indie-Pop act, Legs and in the words of the label, “the track is a biting meditation on our internal struggles and the many different bodies that encase them. How do we process the hurt, the pain, and the unreal? How do we manage these feelings living inside of us? “

You can buy the full album here. It also contains a stunning remix from Hudson Mohawke‘s Heralds Of Change partner and often much overlooked (in my opinion) LuckyMe stalwart, Mike Slott.

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