Gentleman’s Dub Club / Mungo’s Hi-Fi Live at BoomTown 2015

One of the perks of my job is I get to watch back all of the Lion’s Den footage from BoomTown. We’ve posted a few live videos from previous years and a couple from 2015, including this one from Gentleman’s Dub Club that went up today. Undoubtedly one of the best live Reggae bands out there and always a pleasure to watch them and have them perform at the festival. Just as it’s a pleasure to have Mungo’s Hi-Fi with us each time. Their particular branch of Digital Dancehall Dub sound just suits the festival crowds perfectly and they never fail to rock the spot, as this video shows. This is the first time we’ve ever posted a whole set, but you can see why we had to when you put it on. All killer no filler whatsoever and both YT and Charlie P do a great job on the mic..

Apologies that because of the music it won’t play in some countries or on your phone, so if you’re outside of the exclusion zone, you’ll still have to check it on your laptop or home computer I’m afraid.

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