Levelz – LVL 11 (Mixtape)


Is it hyperbole to call Levelz a supergroup? I don’t really think so. It’s made up of some of the UK’s most adept and enjoyable MCs and if you count the producers too then ‘super’ they most definitely are. Hailing from Manchester, I’ve posted up a few of their releases so far and many of the MCs are regular guests with The Mouse Outfit, currently the UK’s finest Hip-hop band in my opinion (plus Sparkz and Truthos Mufasa are also in DJ Yoda‘s Breakfast Of Champions band).

They’ve recently had a bit of a well deserved promo boost by making the best of a bad situation. They were signed to the Elastic Artists Agency which went under recently amid rumours that the head honcho had skipped town owing a large amount of money to many of the artists (and consequently promoters also). As their manager is also an ex employee of the company they managed to get hold of the social media accounts and unleashed a short lived but hilarious campaign to get their money back and stick the boot in. They also released a ‘kidnap’ video which saw them investigated by the police.

This full length mixtape is a little like that whole situation, street level grimy on the outside but with bags of northern humour and a massive tongue in cheek for most of it. Great on many different levelz.

Here’s a few of my favourite tracks.

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