It’s almost impossible for any big event with DJs these days to escape the A-Z line up. Everybody wants their artist to be the top of the bill and all have their own claims as to why, so the only way to settle the matter fairly usually is to put everybody in alphabetical order.


In the midst of joking about this increasingly noticeable phenomenon, my DJ name became AAA Badboy. A name almost guaranteed to be at the top of an A-Z line up. Of course I don’t really care about such things, which is one of the reasons I decided to stick with it for a while. For the simple fact that if it ever happens that I do find myself in this seemingly peak spot above those who would normally moan about such things, I shall find it even more amusing.

The name itself is taken from the much coveted Access All Areas pass at festivals. Triple A Badboy is the term I’ve always heard them referred to, though BoomTown is the only festival I know who actually used to call them that officially. My intention is to put out a bunch of DJ mixes that have little correlation with the one before, covering all of the different areas of my collection and especially representing the many stages I program, so the name seemed to reflect that pretty well. Plus these mixes are about repping the festival scene too, so good to acknowledge that in the name.


So this is the first mix as AAA Badboy and musically it represents the new school of Roots Reggae music especially. Although for me Reggae has never gone away, it’s exciting to see a renewed interest from outside of the direct scene, plus there really does seem to be a whole vanguard of fresh talent from Jamaica, UK and across Europe. This mix is far from definitive of that, there are still some artists missing just because I couldn’t quite make their tracks work as I was mixing this, but it certainly gives a great snapshot as to what’s going on right now. Plus there’s a few classic acts who are still bringing the fire. Artists such as Anthony B, Cutty Ranks and Mykal Rose all feature on the mix and also tore up the Lion’s Den stage at BoomTown last year.

The increasing interest in new Reggae artists has been dubbed The Revival, and originally the title of the mix was going to be something like “some call it THE REGGAE REVIVAL but we never gone away“, however after listening back to it, I noticed the songs were primarily about a corrupt system and the need for social justice and change, which lent itself well to the title I eventually chose REGGAE REVOLUTION.

Hope you enjoy the mix (link below) and please share it if you’re feeling it. Full tracklist is down below also.



Zion Train feat Jah9 – Fire
The Skints feat. Horseman – In the Night
Natty – Gaia (Prince Fatty Dub)
Jesse Royal – Raising Your Voices for Freedom
Million Stylez feat. Bounty Killer – Equal Rights & Justice
Nneka – Local Champion
Morgan Heritage feat. Jo Mersa Marley – Light It Up
Dre Island – M16
Iba Mahr – Sound a Alarm
Green Lion Crew feat. King Mas – As I Rise
Green Lion Crew feat. Mikey General & Mr Williamz – Ganja Morning
Gentleman’s Dub Club – Pressure
Kiko Bun – Where I’m From
Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution feat. Exco Levi – Settle Down
Anthony B – Build Back the Vibes
The Gideon – Roots Rock
Alborosie – Poser
Manudigital feat. Marina P – Bad Girl
Mark Wonder – Rude Boys in Town
Junior Kelly – Power To the People
Melloquence & Mykal Rose & Cutty Ranks – Hot Wata
Ras Demo – Sekkle up the Score
Gappy Ranks – Picture on the Wall
Tarrus Riley – We Want Better
Kabaka Pyramid – The Revival
Dre Island – Uptown Downtown
Protoje – Resist Not Evil
Romain Virgo feat. Agent Sasco – Fade Away
Wayne Marshall – On the Corner
Determine – Passenger
Kabaka Pyramid – Well Done
Chronixx – Play Some Roots
Taiwan MC – Tell Dem
Million Stylez & Mr Williamz – Can´t Stop The Youths
Dreadsquad & Blackout JA – Never Give In

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