Will Varley – Seize The Night

I’m not sure what the right ingredients are to be a successful Folk singer but I’m pretty sure Will Varley has them all. His songs are poetic without being convoluted, relevant but not preachy and his voice is radio friendly but interesting enough to stand out. Not to mention seasoned enough to be trustworthy. Honestly he ticks so many boxes I can’t understand why he’s not the top Folk singer out there right now. Maybe he is, after all who could even judge that? All I know is I still get very excited by Folk music when I hear artists like Will, Beans On Toast, Stick In The Wheel, Sam Lee, Lynched and Gypsy Rebel Rabble. I just don’t think we hear anything near enough of them.

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One Response to Will Varley – Seize The Night

  1. Will Varley has combined the right folk artist ingredients. I love his voice and the story behind this song.

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