April 2016 – Kap TV Music Videos

I’ve had to come to the conclusion that there’s been too much great music recently to go back and blog them all, so instead I’d recommend having a scout through the above YouTube playlist, where anything I’m feeling that has a decent video can be found. In case you need a little insight before you jump in, the artists I’ve added in the last month alone include: Problem Child; Konshens; Homeboy Sandman; Holy Moly & The Crackers; Run The Jewels; Gardna x Kreed; Mischief Brew; Gentleman’s Dub Club; Che Sudaka; 9Bach; Subculture Sage; Dub War; Split Prophets; Arrested Development; Molotov Jukebox; Jehst; Michael Kiwanuka; Chance The Rapper; Alabama Shakes; Smokey Joe & The Kid; Commodo; Dre Island; Son Lux; Lil Nasty; Leon Vynehall; and a whole bunch of other folk I’ve never blogged before.

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