Manchester Takeover

This year at BoomTown we have a Manchester takeover at Poco Loco, to celebrate the wealth of talent and releases coming out of the city at the moment. We’ve got: Red Eye HiFi with Kathika, Fox, Sparkz and Kiva; Jenna & The Gs; DRS; The Mouse Outfit feat. Dr Syntax , Sparkz, Truthos Mufasa,Fox and Black Josh; and the rest of the Levelz crew in full force too.

However, Manchester is the city that keeps giving right now and there’s been a few groups that have caught my ear recently who we haven’t managed to get on board this year. Here’s a couple of recent releases from two of the new crews on the block.

Bringing a similar jazzy Hip-hop style to Hawk House, inspiring just as much excitement in me as I felt when I first heard ‘Tidal Tendancies‘, Cul De Sac are made up of Layfullstop (who also has some killer tunes of her own and with members of the Roots Raddix collective, check below), Truce, BxrryBlvcc (pron. Berry Black) and Kid Katharsis, who met through the Manchester youth theatre project Contact and started jamming at creative music projects such as Brighter Sound (if you saw the videos of Kendrick Lamar cyphering with young people in the city, that was at one of their workshops). Although this is the only track of theirs I’ve heard so far, it shows a whole lot of promise and they’ve been catching the ear of a good few influential people in the scene.

Also on that smooth jazzy tip, Children of Zeus just released this track on the excellent First Word Records. The singer is Tyler Daley aka Hoodman, who has worked with everyone from Caron Wheeler to 50 Cent, whilst the rapper is Konny Kon from Broke’N’English. It seems a shame not to have him down this year seeing as both other members of the group will be representing (DRS is doing a solo show on Poco Loco but also hosting Calibre’s set on Bang Hai Palace, whilst straight after that, Strategy will be sparring with Dub Phizix as usual). Ah well, I shall be keeping an eye on them and maybe we can make that happen next year. If there’s anyone else in Manchester I should be keeping an eye on, feel free to let me know.

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