Zero Dinero – The Time Has Come


This release is special for me as it’s the first outing for one of my closest hombres, Nilkesh aka Zero Dinero. He’s always been a musical soul and as well as gathering a phat collection of vinyl he plays the Tabla and Harmonium, though previously I’d only see him break them both out during a ghazals session. More recently though he got heavily into production and after winning a battle with cancer he realised it was time to follow his passions, ironically a lesson he had already helped to teach me.

With his trademark focus and determination, once he was ready, he reached out to his two favourite MCs, Gift Of Gab from Blackalicious and Kool Keith to be a part of the release. Undoubtedly two of the greatest that ever lived they suit Nilkesh’s production perfectly and lyrically they are totally on point so I have to admit I had reservations when after being let down by a string of other emcees Nilkesh decided he was going to complete the tracks himself as a rapper. Thankfully he holds his own, with poetical lyrics that reflect his Indian heritage and general outlook on life and flows that show influence from classic UK hip-hop, the music we first bonded over when he quizzed me on the likes of Katch 22, Krispy 3 and Hijack.

For a first release it’s incredibly accomplished with an unashamedly true skool aesthetic, I’m really looking forwards to what else is in store. You can buy a copy from iTunes or Bandcamp or various other outlets and make sure you check out the video for Crowd Levitator above which was made with our mate and legendary graffiti artist Paris, who also happens to be the official artist for Coldplay, but I won’t hold that against him (sorry bro couldn’t resist). Paris also done the artwork for the vinyl.

Nilkesh is completely independent and has a family to feed so make sure rather than ripping this off Soundcloud or something you purchase a copy and if you need a badass DJ at your jam, then he’s your man! You can contact him on 07799148947.

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