Okay it’s time to take my AAA Badboy alias into the fields! As the name stems from Access All Area festival passes (though I think BoomTown is the only festival to ever call it a Triple A Badboy officially) it makes sense, and as Glastonbury was essentially the birth place and breeding ground for my festival soul, then it’s only right I should kick things off there. So with that in mind I shall be taking over the Heaven Stage in Shangri La from 1pm – 6pm on Saturday afternoon with a bunch of inspirational peers, pals and extremely talented young upstarts. The afternoon goes like so.


1pm – Disorda

Not only did I spend a shed load of funds on mixtapes and vinyl from this man and his Suspect Packages in the late 90s and beyond (as did pretty much anyone into UK Hip-hop), but his own UK Hustlerz and Mind The Gap mixtapes introduced me to some of my favourite UK artists. I think it’s fair to say, he connected the dots that helped to bring about the UK Hip-hop golden age in the late 90s and early 2000s, however he also has a ridiculously extensive collection of Reggae and in recent times is more likely to be found rinsing out rare 7″ singles at Reggae events all over the country. He also hosts the excellent Dub Chronicles show on Kane FM which you can check on his Mixcloud account.

2pm – Gardna x Kreed

Been keeping my eye on Gardna since my mate Tom Swindell posted this video back in 2012. Since then he’s had some seriously killer tunes and I’ve been constantly impressed. As a big fan of the Reggae and Hip-hop crossovers it’s no surprise that it’s tracks like See The Vibe and Sunday that really excite me and Gardna seems to have found himself a decent niche in that sound. It’s also the reason he works so well in this line up and I originally asked him on his own, but having heard some of Kreed‘s production and having rinsed Sunday (which is a collaboration between the two) since it came out recently it seemed only right to invite him along, he’s definitely someone to watch in the future (though why wait till then, watch him now). It’s also his first Glastonbury so make sure you come and support (actually it’s Disorda’s too I believe).

3pm – DJ Shepdog

Not only the creator of some of my all time favourite mash ups and bootlegs (such as Skanking In The Way Of Control or Groove Is In Jah Heart) but also the main man behind Nice Up! Records, one of my favourite Reggae labels. Though not quite as prolific as most classic Reggae labels, the quality is undeniable and I’ve rinsed releases by artists such as Blend Mishkin, Mr Benn and Cut La Vis. Plus their latest release is a remix album that features classic Fashion Records tracks from the likes of General Levy, Johnny Clarke, Papa San, Pato Banton, Top Cat and Tenor Fly remixed by The Bug, Machinedrum, Radikal Guru, Special Request, Wrongtom, JStar, Toddla T & Melé amongst others. The results are as incredible as that sounds, and though you’d more than likely to catch some of these tracks in Shepdog’s set, you might as well grab the whole album now.

4pm – AAA Badboy feat. Eva Lazarus

Yep that’s me folks! Plus I’ll have the ever lovely Eva Lazarus joining me on the mic. I first met Eva as the singer for Dub Mafia but she’s also collaborated with the likes of Stanton Warriors, Dub FX, Jus Now, Danny Byrd and GotSome (to name but a few) and her solo shows are seriously taking off right now, she is truly a force of nature and a magical soul, it’s a pleasure to have her on the set. If you’re at BoomTown this year then make sure you catch her full solo show in the Hidden Woods.

I will also have a couple of the Pama International crew dropping by to showcase some of their new material. I caught their current line up at the London Int. Ska Festival and it’s killer! Plus I had a sneak preview of their new single (which as far as I’m aware will be out on the seminal Trojan Records later this year) and it’s a total winner, highly recommend making it down early to hear it.

5pm – Mungo’s Hi-fi

I think when it comes to festivals and reggae the only person who comes close to these guys is Rodigan and whereas Rodigan is a legend that has crossed over and been accepted into the festival world, these guys have it in their blood. They’re the only act I’ve thought to upload a whole set from on the BoomTown YouTube channel and every tune they played was one of their own or a dubplate (if you’ve not seen it yet, check it out here). Who would have thought a sound system from Glasgow could make such an impact in the Reggae world, it’s an honour to have them on this takeover.

Come back tomorrow for an exclusive mix I made for Glastonbury that features Gardna, Kreed, Mungo’s Hi-fi and some of the tracks from the Inna Nice Up! Fashion album.

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