Tarrus Riley – No Hypocrites Allowed


When I first thought about booking Tarrus Riley at Boomtown this year, I undoubtedly had my reservations.  Lovers Rock has been largely absent from the festival previously and Riley is better known for classics such as She’s Royal and Sorry Is A Sorry Word.  However he is a well rounded artist who speaks on all kinds of situations and for me he’s at his best with fire in his belly.  We Want Better is a prime example and one of my favourite tunes of last year, it was undoubtedly a deciding factor in him playing also (sadly I didn’t get to watch the whole show to see if he played it, I do hope so).  No Hypocrites Allowed is another energising slice of Roots Reggae released this coming Friday and it’s currently on repeat on my speakers.   It must have been a tough year for Tarrus with the passing of his father, the great Jimmy Riley, but musically I’d say he’s stronger than ever right now.

Listen: AAA Badboy – Reggae Revolution

Watch: Lion’s Den Documentary: A journey through Reggae music at Boomtown

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