Balkan & Beyond (Mix)


I first came across Balkan music thanks to Russ Jones and Felix Buxton seminal Gypsy Beats & Balkan Bangers compilations. The albums were a mixture of Balkan Romani Brass bands such as Mahala Rai Banda, Fanfare Ciocărlia and Kocani Orkestar and remix producers like Shantel and Balkan Beat Box. For this mix I’ve stayed away from a lot of these artists, all of them in fact. It wasn’t really a conscious decision to do so and I’m sure I shall do a specifically Brass mix and a Remix one in time, however these are simply some that have been going down well in my less ‘remix-ey’ DJ sets. I’m sure if you’ve spent much time in the OldTown district of Boomtown, you would have heard some of them blasting from the Jolly Dodger stage at some point, plus bands like Kumpania Algazarra and The Fat Bastard Gang Band have played live on there also.


This mix shows just how far the influence of Balkan music has spread with bands from as far away as Canada and Columbia, I’ve included country of origin in the tracklisting below, sadly I’m missing all my friends here in the UK so perhaps I need to concentrate closer to home with the next one. This mix is in no way meant to be exhaustive but if you feel you’ve been missed then please make sure I’m up to date with your music.

You can find me on Facebook as AAA Badboy.

Listen: AAA Badboy – Balkan & Beyond


Bubliczki (Poland) – Tito
Cheb Balowski (Spain) – La Bonica
Giufà (Italy) – Fanfara Rom
Burning Caravan (Colombia) – El Dueño de Todas las Cosas
Ziveli Orkestar (France) – Saran Kolo
Terne Čhave (Czech Republic) – Aj Jaj Jaj
Kumpania Algazarra (Portugal) – Rise Up and Get Ready
Los Callejeros (Belgium) – Amourouse
Watcha Clan (France) – Gypsy Dust
Goran Bregovic feat. Florin Salam (Bosnia / Romania) – Hopa Cupa
Dejan Sparavalo, Dr. Nelle Karajlic & Vojislav Aralica (Bosnia) – Duj Sandale
Orkestar Kriminal (Canada) – Der Shmayser
The Fat Bastard Gang Band feat. Captain Stambolov & Remi Gache (France) – Sabrina
Kaligola Disco Bazar (Italy) – The King Of Jokes
Dubioza Kolektiv & Džambo Aguševi Orchestra (Bosnia /
Macedonia) – Boom (Džambo Version)
Rona Hartner feat. Zuralia Orchestra (Romania) – Réjouis-toi car il vient

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