onlyjoe – Officer

There was a time. just a few years ago that onlyjoe felt ubiquitous, I kept seeing them everywhere! UK reggae was in a great place, especially within the UK festival scene, and it felt like onlyjoe were at the forefront of a new generation. Totally self contained, they reminded me very much of a British Dub Inc (one of France’s top Reggae bands for those who don’t know).

However, UK Reggae didn’t quite break into the national consciousness in the way it felt could have happened at the time, and after losing a couple of core members, onlyjoe seemed to go remarkably quiet amidst rumours of a split.

Thankfully they resurfaced last year, with some great new material in their live shows. Now the first of those new songs has it’s own video which was launched through Reggaeville this week.

With some quality new albums due courtesy of festival favourites such as The Drop and Chainska Brassika, a new album just dropped from arguably the country’s number one Reggae band, Gentleman’s Dub Club, some seriously strong output recently from more established artists like Gappy Ranks and Stylo G, plus great new bands such as Kioko and Hempolics, I begin to wonder again if this is finally the time for our Reggae renaissance in the UK. Either way, there’s some great music around right now and more on the way so stay tuned.

Apologies to those artists I haven’t name checked, there’s too many to mention, but I see you there.

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