Cut Capers – Get Movin’ (Feet Don’t Fail Me Now)

There was a moment there where I felt that nobody would step into the footsteps of legendary Bristol based festival bands such as Babyhead, Smerin’s Anti Social Club or The Carny Villains, bands you could trust to rock a crowd in almost any situation. Recently though I feel confident that there are a few bands finally at the right level to fill that role, chief amongst them being Cut Capers.

Following last year’s excellent ‘Say What’ album, this is a brand new party track with more swing than a cat in space (or something) and some turbo charged raps.

Cut Capers will be performing on the Town Centre stage at Boomtown this year alongside Wax Tailor, Smokey Joe & The Kid, The Original Blue Brothers Band, Smerins Anti-Social Club, Arrested Development, Sublime With Rome, Sugar Hill Gang with the Furious Five, Sam & The Womp and many others.

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