If anyone who knows me from Big Swing Sound has been waiting for this one, then you definitely shouldn’t be disappointed! I bring you, the Mayfair district line up for Boomtown this year.

In the next post I want to introduce you to a few acts you might not be aware of, but for now it’s the perfect opportunity to post up some new tunes from a handful of our Mayfair acts.

Alice Francis – Too Damn Hot

All the way from Cologne (via Romania), one of Electro Swing’s biggest stars will be joining us at The Ballroom on Thursday night with her band. This track is from her forthcoming album ‘Electric Shock’ which takes in elements of Blues, Swing, House, Ragga and Classical.

The Allergies – Love That I’m Into

Funkier than George Clinton’s underpants, Moneyshot and Rackabeat will be DJing on Sunday night as part of our big Funk and Soul takeover of The Ballroom. I have a feeling I’ve already posted this track with Ugly Duckling’s Andy Cooper, but it definitely deserves another visit. Mayfair is undoubtedly the most fun district musically and these guys have totally owned that vibe over the past few years, plus with a couple of ‘Single Of The Week’ accolades in Mixmag and Album Of The Day on BBC 6Music, I’m obviously not the only person who think so.

DJ Hiphoppapotamus

Another of my favourite party DJs who also happens to make incredibly fun music. I’ve literally been listening to his ‘Tropicalization For The Nation’ mixes all morning and I’m convinced there’s no better accompaniment to the sunshine out there at all. Check out his Soundcloud for those, but for now here’s a couple of his most recent remixes, these alone should put a huge smile on your face.

Sam & The Womp – Balkan Bass (Mista Trick Remix)

Mista Trick has a special live show he’s working on for Boomtown, details are still under wraps but it’s sounding like it will definitely be worth catching.

This is a new remix he’s recently released for Sam & The Womp, which is great because it gives me the opportunity to mention the fact that they will be on the Town Centre stage on Saturday. As always we’ve picked some of our favourite, liveliest acts to kick start the main stages, for example Toots & The Maytals, Jus Now and Chainska Brassika are launching proceedings on the Lion’s Den each sequential day, so Sam & The Womp will be on the Town Centre getting the Saturday started in style.

Also worth mentioning that Big Swing Sound will be playing again this year with the mighty Hypeman Sage on mic duties, kicking off a big street party in Mayfair on Sunday morning (11am – no better way to start the final day of the festival) alongside Jamie Berry, Dutty Moonshine, C@ In The H@, Danny Wav and CatJam. This is probably the ultimate bass heavy line up for Mayfair vibes, so just as well we shall all be playing on the epic Electrikal Sound System.

Happily I shall also be playing a Reggae set on this rig on Thursday evening. If that’s your vibe keep an eye on the blog tomorrow for my new mix!

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