I’ve realised I simply can’t sum up Boomtown in just one post, so I think I’m going to pick a few choice bands that I caught over the weekend, hopefully they will go some way to outlining things a little.

I think Dubioza Kolektiv are the perfect crew to start with. I spend all day and night at Boomtown watching the acts, and although not one I saw this year let me down, there are certain ones that really leave me with a sense of pride and purpose, not to mention that extra little spark of energy I need to get me through the long weekend. These boys are definitely up there in that bracket.

I’m pretty sure I was the first person to book them in the UK a few years back, although my good friend Chris Tofu booked them for Glastonbury straight afterwards and that ended up being their first show. Already fairly big in Eastern Europe at that time, they have since developed into a massive stadium band in parts of the continent so I was very grateful to be able to have them back again. Putting them in the penultimate Friday headline slot on the Town Centre was obviously a gamble, but as you can see from the video, it’s one that paid off massively.

Ironically, despite the massive influence of Balkan music at the festival (especially in Oldtown) the Bosnian band are one of only two Balkan based acts we had this year (Maika from Serbia was the other fantastic band who played ), but although the traditional eastern elements in their music certainly endears them to our crowd, it’s their super-charged fusion of styles that really makes it feel like Boomtown is the perfect home from home for them, pulling in heavy rock, hip hop, reggae, dubstep, ska and more. It was certainly a lovely touch to hear one of their biggest hits to date re-arranged to ‘No Escape (From Boomtown)’.

Their energy is in itself energising, their performance is super tight, their tracks are infectious and their politics commendable, hopefully we’ve gone some way into helping increase their support and following across the UK because they definitely deserve it.

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