Veeblefetzer – Katabum

There’s a number of Italian bands who regularly perform at Boomtown and of which I’m very fond. Veeblefetzer (formerly Veeblefetzer & The Manigolds) are most definitely one of them. As with front man Andrea Cota’s other bands – Kaligola Disco Bazaar and Adriano Bono & The Reggae Circus – the music leans towards Balkan at times, there’s a hint of Gogol Bordello’s ‘Gypsy Punk’ sound, and thanks to the big old brass Sousaphone kicking out the bass notes, they very much lift you up from the middle and swing you around a little (never too much). There’s also a little bit of Tom Waits’ more carnivalesque outings in there some place I’d say, either way their music never fails to put a smile on my face and hopefully that skill is transferable to you guys.

This latest single is from the film ‘La profezia dell’armadillo’ (or The Armadillo Prophecy), based on an Italian Comic book. I’m yet to see the film but if Veebletfetzer are doing the soundtrack then it certainly bodes well! Here’s a trailer for the film, though only in Italian I’m afraid… Daje!

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