Spragga Benz , Sean Paul , Agent Sasco, Chi Ching Ching – Differ Remix

A few artist’s appearances really suffered from the rain at Boomtown last year, especially at the Lion’s Den where usually people like to spend the days lounging in the sun and watching the reggae, regardless if they know the artists or not. Last year the showers sent people scuttling for shelter and the mud meant few hung around there longer than absolutely necessary. To their credit, I’ve never seen any of these artists give less than 200% in that situation and Spragga Benz in particular brought some serious energy to his performance.

I’ve posted a couple of tunes from Spragga’s forthcoming album, which sees him link up with a number of UK artists. On this latest track, Toddla T supplies the riddim whilst Spragga invites an all star, multi-generational guest list of fellow Jamaican’s to join him.

The new album ‘Chiliagon’ drops on Buttercuts Records later in the year, I’ve heard a number of tracks and I’m almost certain I’ll be rinsing it as much as ‘Jack It Up’, one of my most played Dancehall albums back in the 90s.

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