Baja Frequencia feat. La Dame Blanche – El Palo

Yet another fantastic release from Chinese Man Records, Baja Frequencia (aka Goodjiu & Azuleski from Massilia Hi-Fi outta Marseilles) have their ‘Catzilla’ EP out today and also this new video which features singer, rapper and multi-instrumentalist – La Dame Blanche from Cuba. Sound wise, I’m just going to call it Tropical Trap for now, but I’ll probably regret that later.

The EP also features vocals from Taiwan MC, Skarra Mucci, Blimes Brixton and Rafael Aragon, you can listen/buy here.

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Babylon Dead – Voodoo

Back with a new track from their forthcoming ‘2000 BD’ album, J Man and Illinformed take a more brooding approach than ACAB on this one. With a laid back ragga inflected flow over some stoned jazzy beats.

2000 BD drops on 27th October 2017 via Real.Life.Drama Records but you can pre-order it here.

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Paul The Kid – BBW

Loving this first solo single from Night Gaunts’ vocalist/producer/guitarist Paul The Kid. Following a similar feel to his New Zealand ska punk group but adding some extra bass heavy beats for good measure. Think kind of Dreadzone meets the Beastie Boys and you’re in the right ball park, suffice to say it’s tons of fun.

You can grab the whole ‘Two Tone Death Rave’ EP here.

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Oddisee – You Grew Up

Animators Eugene & Louise provide a video for the latest single from Oddisee’s incredible album ‘The Iceberg’. ‘You Grew Up’ is a powerful tune exploring identity, understanding and how society’s victims can become its nemeses.

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Devon Matthews & Ella Andall – D Journey “Make It”

I posted this track originally back at the end of last year, it’s remained a firm favourite of mine since and it became a hit in Trinidad.

Although it’s a joy to finally see a video for the track, it doesn’t come without sadness as Devon Matthews died of a heart attack in July, moments after performing the track with Ella at an event he was hosting.

I’ve often heard defiantly positive music from artists who knew they had a limited time to live, but it seems this was unexpected. Nevertheless the song remains a fine legacy that will hopefully offer a brief moment of upliftment for those of us still left on ‘D Journey’.

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Gulp – Morning Velvet Sky

I often shy away from posting music like this as it doesn’t really fall within my usual realm of knowledge, so I almost feel like an impostor (ridiculous I know). However it’s such a beautiful tune and Guto and Lindsey are old pals from my Cardiff days (and a lovely couple to boot), so here it is.

Here’s what they said about it (far more poetically)

“”Morning Velvet Sky is a song about dawn, with arpeggiating machines. The intent of Morning Velvet Sky is to wrap the listener in a blanket of the fuzzy feeling created by waking up on a warm dewy morning and having appreciation for the beauty in nature when things may not be perfect.”

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King Kong Company – Scarity Dan

If you’ve not come across these guys yet then keep your eyes peeled for live shows as they finally begin to gain recognition outside of Ireland (they’re from Waterford).

This track gets an official release on October 27th and it’s probably my favourite of theirs so far. Stomping, skanking beats with a heavy dub reggae flavour.

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