Sizwe ft Mr. Killa – Give Me Some (Remix)

I loved this track already, you might notice that it was on my Carnival FOMO mix from earlier in the year, but now it’s had a revamp ready for Spicemas in Grenada as Miami based Sizwe C invites the island’s Mr Killa on board for some extra shelling. Keshav draws on Dennery Segment and Jab Jab influences for the beat but also adds that extra toughness and weighty bass that Jus Now are known and loved for.

Don’t forget you can catch more Grenada vibes on my new Jab Jab Party mix.

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MHD – Bodyguard

Parisian rapper MHD definitely seems to be going for a more accessible approach than his usual Afro-Trap vibe. Musically it’s similar, Afrobeats bordering on UK Funky with a clear but lazy French flow bouncing over the top, but the Trap elements have been phased out pretty much and rather than gritty inner city backdrops, for this video he’s pulled in a bunch of dancers, even letting the beat run at the end to give them a little more shine. This is definitely something I’m more likely to play out too.

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Selecta J-Man & Blackout J.A. ft. Daddy Freddy – Dancehall Extravaganza

Bristol represent! This latest from the city’s fast rising Born On Road label is a must for fans of good vibes Dancehall DNB. Core crew member Selecta J-Man brings in the big booming voice of fellow Bristol resident Blackout JA plus the absolute legend Daddy Freddy on the hook. It’s the title track for J-Man & Blakout’s EP that also features Aries, Courtney Melody, Solo Banton, YT, Da Fuchaman, Rev Monk Man and Raphael. You can pick up a copy of that here.

If you’re feeling this but missed Selecta J-Man’s ‘Super Sharp Mixtape’ then here it is again as it’s an absolute must!

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Groundation – Fossil Fuels

I’ve been trying to book Groundation for years so I was very happy when we finally got them to agree to a show at Boomtown this year. I wasn’t even aware that there was a new album on the way, but it’s most definitely welcome, it’s been 4 years since their last one.

The album’s not out until September but I love this little taster they just dropped and it’s a subject I can most definitely get behind. I can’t wait until they touch down on the Lion’s Den this year.

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The ‘hottest’ new Russian band around bare all on their latest video that mixes up Balkan folk breakdowns, skanking Ska Punk and a slightly surf bassline that makes it sound like the theme tune to a 70s Eastern European super-hero show.

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Eskorzo · Zona Caliente

For me Eskorzo are the current kings of the mestizo sound, adding a punk edge to a fusion of latin flavours. This latest video to be taken from their excellent Alerta Cánibal album shows exactly why.

The group from Granada have been around for over 2 decades now but show no signs of slowing down and just seem to get better and better as they mature.

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Stiffy & Dynamite – In Ah Style

As mentioned on this week’s Super Soca Show, Dynamite has yet another huge tune to add to his current onslaught. This time it’s a collaboration with Barbados Bashment Soca Monarch Stiffy. Dynamite’s partner in crime Mark Cyrus comes heavy on the beats once again, this time upping the tempo and even adding a touch of accordion to give it a slightly Bouyon feel.

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