Natty ft Akala, Mic Righteous & Raspect Fyabinghi – Seasons Change (UK Rap Mix)

A fresh take on Natty’s classic ‘Change’ track, with a more laid back riddim and a strictly UK rap line up of guest vocalists. There’s still both Akala and Mic Righteous but Busy Signal and Alborosie are swapped out for Raspect Fyabinghi, who was a member of the band Royal Sounds, but not sure if he’s still in their current line up.

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Beans on Toast – Jamie & Lilly

Beautiful song with a lovely story. I’m just going to copy and paste from Beans’ original explanation below. Keep an eye out for his new album ‘Cushty’ coming December 1st.

This story starts with an email.

The email was from a girl called Jamie. It was regarding a show that I had coming up in Brighton; she was coming along to the show with her girlfriend, Lilly, and she wondered if it was at all possible for me to give Lilly a shout out at the gig. In particular, she asked if could I dedicate my song ‘I’m Home When You Hold Me’ to her. Apparently, they both loved the song and often danced around the kitchen to it.

Me being forgetful and an idiot, I hadn’t responded at all to the email when a few weeks later I received another mail, this time from a girl called Lilly. In the email, Lilly informed me that she was coming along to my Brighton show with her girlfriend, Jamie, and asked would I be able to dedicate ‘I’m Home When You Hold Me’ to Jamie as they both loved to dance to the song, in the kitchen. I had to re-read both emails to get my head around the fact that they had both requested the song to be dedicated to each other without the other one knowing.

How cute is that?

I still failed to reply to either of them but on the night of the gig, before I played the song, I told the story about the emails and explained how it had been a double request from Jamie to Lilly and from Lilly to Jamie. It turned out that they were both in the front row. As I told the story, they hugged and kissed. Then, when I played the song, they both held each other and danced. It was a magical moment.

I met them both after the gig. They weren’t massively surprised about the double dedication, explaining that they quite often buy each other the same Christmas presents! I ended up going on a night out in Brighton with them, drinking rum. Lots of rum. The rum had its usual effect and the next day my memory of our night was blurry. I did remember, however, that Lilly was a teacher and Jamie a nurse (or was it the other way around?). Typically, they both worked extremely hard and were severely underpaid but, at the same time, they loved their jobs and their lives together. It was inspiring.

For the rest of the tour, every time I played that song I told the story of the emails and how it went down, trying to recreate that feeling of magic for each new crowd. Towards the end of the tour, I realised that, in fact, they’d stolen the song! That song is about my wife, Lizzy, and each time I sang it I dedicated it to them. We couldn’t be having that. They needed their own song.

I took their names, their professions and for the rest of the song, I joined the dots. Which is essentially a flashy way of saying that I made that shit up. Later in the year, with the song finished, I was back in Brighton. This time I emailed Jamie and Lilly, inviting them along to the gig so they could hear their song. Again, they were both in the front row of the gig. I played the song while they both held each other tight and danced. Another moment of magic – I nearly bloody cried! After the show, they gave me full permission to use the song and to play it far and wide. Which I did.

In order for me to make a video for the song, Jamie and Lilly let me join them for a day at home and on the beach in Brighton. The song will be on my next album ‘Cushty’ out on 1st December 2017. It’s dedicated to Jamie and Lilly, to all the hard working teachers and nurses out there, and to anyone who loves Love.

Beans x

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Levi Myaz – Warrior

Although I listen to and play a lot of music from Trinidad, it’s mostly Soca, so it’s great to also hear such a strong Reggae artist from the Island. Not that Levi is a new artist by any stretch, it’s just me being late to the party. He has been around since 1994 when he first linked up with Trini sound system Blackstone Intl and has since worked with top rated producers such as Bobby Digital (Digital B), Mikey Bennet and Jr Blender. This new track was produced by Bing Bang Studioz, also out of Trinidad.

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Dabbla – Flying

The Potent Funk label lives up to its name as esteemed family member Dabbla rides over this sleazy and succulent beat from Swiss producer AJ Swizzy.

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Stick In The Wheel – Over Again

I have a slight aversion to anything too squeaky clean, something that becomes especially apparent to me whenever I spend too long in the current British Folk scene. Therefore it’s refreshing to see some well deserved recognition for two of my favourite Folk artists, who feel rather more raw and visceral in their approach to me than most.

The first is Lankum out of Dublin City, whose version of ‘What Will We Do When We Have No Money?’ from their latest album I posted recently, the second is Stick In The Wheel from London, whose second album ‘Follow Them True’ is out in January, this is the first single. Both help to prove that Folk Music is just as relevant today as it ever was, and from the response both their albums have been receiving it seems more than just the hardcore Folkies are in on that fact.

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Sara Lugo & Jazzrausch Bigband feat. Protoje – Really Like You

Having been a big fan of fusing Reggae with Swing ever since Shaggy’s ‘Nice & Lovely’ back in 1993, I have to admit I prefer this version to the original Ram Jam Riddim one. It’s from Sarah Lugo’s latest album ‘Swing Ting’ with the Jazzrausch Bigband, a young Munich based collective who are well versed in different musical styles from Techno to Dubstep.

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Wiki – Stickball

Finally a Wiki tune that I can f**k with unquestionably. Probably time to check ‘No Mountains In Manhattan’.

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