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Focus Wales: Day Three

So I’m now on the train home, slightly bleary eyed after the last late night of a long few days but I can’t snooze until I’ve at least told those of you who have made it through my Day One … Continue reading

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Stick In The Wheel – Over Again

I have a slight aversion to anything too squeaky clean, something that becomes especially apparent to me whenever I spend too long in the current British Folk scene. Therefore it’s refreshing to see some well deserved recognition for two of … Continue reading

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Noble Jacks – Ramblers Steam

Folk Rock isn’t a style that gets much attention on this blog, partly because few bands seem to make it any more and partly because those that do tend to be shit. However hearing a band like Noble Jacks, I … Continue reading

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The release of our Wild West District today gives me the perfect excuse to post some recent folk music I haven’t included here yet. Although the district holds much more, from Argentinian and Peruvian cumbia bands to classic Breaks and … Continue reading

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Mathias Duplessy & The Violins of the World – Feng

These guys were first brought to my attention via their Crazy Horse video. French musical explorer and multi-instrumentalist Mathias Duplessy is on guitar alongside: Guo Gan on the Erhu (Chinese fiddle); Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig on the Morinkhuur (Mongolian horse head fiddle) … Continue reading

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Will Varley – Seize The Night

I’m not sure what the right ingredients are to be a successful Folk singer but I’m pretty sure Will Varley has them all. His songs are poetic without being convoluted, relevant but not preachy and his voice is radio friendly … Continue reading

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It’s impossible to have a ‘Best Of’ list unless you have been through everything that counts in that category and studied them properly, before grouping them all under an agreed criteria. That said, it’s also impossible to do a ‘favourites’ … Continue reading

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