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Still don’t have the words o sum up how magical BoomTown was this year. So instead, here’s a few pictures, scroll through to get just a little taste of how good it was and make sure you don’t miss out … Continue reading

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Big Love Is In The Air

Big Love Is In The Air

Had an amazing time playing at the Wedding Disco in Camp Bestival and Bestival this year. Never thought I’d enjoy rinsing out the cheese again so much but every set was a winner. Although we went from 70s Disco, all around the 80s, into 90s RnB, Hip-hop + Dance Classics and generally finishing on some classic Power Ballads, our first official mix for Bestival’s ‘Bestimix’ series is strictly on the 80s Soul and Disco tip, it includes a couple of less obvious Weddingish classics such as ‘Can’t Wait Another Minute’ and ‘Alphabet Street’ (rather than Kiss or 1999) as they’re great tunes but we couldn’t think of any other mixes we’d actually get away with them in.

Click the picture to listen / download the mix.

Definitely not meant too seriously, though I defy the hardiest of music snobs not to have a bit of a sly boogie to this whilst nobody’s looking 🙂

I shall also be doing a Wedding Crashers set at My Big Fat Dalston Wedding in Dalston Superstore on Saturday 17th November, hosted by my good friend Dave The Unicorn, so pop down if you’re in town.

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It’s time…..

It's time..... Continue reading

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I’ve been toying with how to update the classic skull and crossbones for a new Kaptin Is Dead logo. One that I considered adapting was Damien Hirst’s ‘For The Love Of God’. Perhaps that’s the reason I just spent half an hour waiting to have a look at it. It’s rather pretty and I’m sure once I read about it I’ll find some synchronistic symbolism, but I think I’m going to go with a more ‘Day Of The Dead’ style. Anybody fancy hooking that up?

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Best thank you letter ever.

Best thank you letter ever.

“Some day when I become supreme ultra-lord of the universe I will not make you a slave, you will live in my 200 story castle where unicorn servants will feed you doughnuts off their horns”

Been having a Facebook conversation about Career’s advice in schools and how the system is often designed to destroy dreams rather than encourage them. I think this kid gives a strike back for the dreamers out there, although I’m not sure if enslaving the universe (unless you’re a good meteorologist) should really be encouraged.

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