I’m still trying to gather all my thoughts, feelings and memories from Boomtown into coherent form. I’m not sure I’ll ever recover for long enough to do so, at least until I must dive head first into next year’s proceedings. So for the meantime, here’s a handful of pictures that give you a just fractional taste of what went on last weekend. If you’ve never been to Boomtown before, then prepare to be beautifully bemused. Believe me, these photos don’t even begin to scratch the surface either.

All photos taken from the official album on the Boomtown Facebook.

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Bongeziwe Mabandla ft. David Scott – Soloko

As if to prove my point on the last post, here’s some brand new chilled Afro-House from South Africa.

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Michael Brun & Shirazee – Soweto [Acoustic Video]

You can maybe blame the lack of beats these last couple of posts on my post-Boomtown hibernation / recovery period, but here’s another stripped back acoustic track for you all. This time it’s Haitian super producer Michael Brun and singer Shirazee from Benin, both now based in different parts of the USA.

The original is a chilled Afro House track (below) that could well have come from the city it serenades, where Shirazee also spent some time growing up. It’s out now on Brun’s Kid Coconut label.

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Kamille – Emotional (Piano Version)

It’s still a rarely recent occurrence that I’ve made my peace with auto-tune and began to appreciate the over produced, over glossed shine of modern Bashment, Afrobeats and RNB. There’s still very few tracks that I gel with enough to post on here, however I did come close with the latest single from London singer Kamille called ‘Emotional‘. The track sits some place between the three aforementioned genres, I guess Afro Swing is the easiest description and it features Louis Rei from one of the scene’s biggest crews WSTRN, as well as Kranium, a Jamaican artist now residing in Jamaica, Queens, possibly one of the Bashment scenes more interesting artist of late. To be honest though Kamille remains the stand out artist on the track and this stripped back version gives a little insight into why, some real talent on show here, not just some savvy marketing.

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Kes – Hello

With over 17.5 million views on the original audio upload, one of the biggest Soca songs of the last year finally gets itself a proper video. Hopefully this takes it to the next level, I could honestly see this being as big as ‘Turn Me On’ or ‘Tempted To Touch’ given the right push. It definitely deserves daytime playlisting on BBC 1Xtra at the very least.

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Alicai Harley – Naah Done

Every year we have a number of no-shows at Boomtown, often it’s as simple as the artist can’t be bothered that day. This year I don’t think we had one artist like that, however we got slammed with visa issues and plain old lateness issues. Luckily many of the artists who got delayed (far too many due to being detained by over zealous customs officials) made it just in time for their sets, sadly some simply had to turn back. One of those that I was especially gutted about was Alicai Harley whose vehicle broke down on the motorway and got stuck in horrendous traffic. I promise we tried to find a slot later for her but it just wasn’t to be.

Here as a slight consolation prize is her latest single, a straight firing Dancehall track, that could be my favourite yet! It will certainly be getting plenty club play from me.

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Jaubi – Lahore State Of Mind

Jaubi is apparently an urdu word roughly translating to “whatever” and for this latest release that happens to be a cover of ‘NY State Of Mind’ – stripping out Nas’ vocals and Premier’s beats, and rebuilding with just sārangī, tabla and cajon.

As the name suggests, Jaubi are a collective from the Punjab capital of Lahore. Current members are: Zohaib Hassan Khan – Sarangi; Kashif Ali Dhani – Tabla and vocals; Qammar Vicky Abbas – Cajon and vocals; Ali Riaz Baqar – Guitar and kalimba.

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