Dreadsquad – Screw Face / Mumbai Gyal

Jman is on a constant rise right now and more power to him. Causing concern for the police in Cardiff with his Babylon Dead project (they’ve shut down two of his shows in the city so far) and I posted a track from the Kaotic Kartel crew that he’s a part of last week. Plus he was one of the stand out acts at Love Saves The Day this year jumping on sets with Kreed, Digital Mystikz and Mungos Hi-fi (and no doubt others too). Now he’s providing something a little different for Dreadsquad, one of my favourite Dancehall producers, on this latest video. On a Dub Grime tip, which despite the name has nothing but positive vibes flowing from it.

Dreadsquad has plenty of big tunes floating around at the moment and this track is from his Indian Gyal riddim with General Zooz from New Delhi’s Reggae Rajahs crew and singer BawariBasanti (meaning nomadic girl) also from the Indian capital.

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Manudigital ft. General Degree – Bad

Following the release of his Digital Kingston Sessions that featured generations of Jamaican artists from King Kong to Cali P (and of course one Trindad & Tobago Session from Queen Omega), French Digi-Dancehall don Manudigital has just dropped the first single from his forthcoming album “Bass Attack” which is due out in October. It features one of my favourite artists to emerge from the 90s Ragga scene General Degree (who also features on the Kingston Sessions release). This track carries that classic early 90s vibe but using recent production techniques so it sounds even heavier.

In case you missed it, General Degree also has a single out currently with D’N’B bad boy Benny Page, check it out below.

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NICE UP! The Session Volume Four

The Nice Up! family come good with another excellent compilation of recent releases and brand new exclusives. A stand out label in the UK for the positive vibes they project and top quality mix of Reggae and Reggae influenced beats from Dancehall to Drum N Bass that they deliver. Anyone who equates good music with being overly serious obviously missed the memo on these guys and one glance at this album gives a great over view of a healthy scene across the UK and Europe, even if it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what that scene actually is.

Here’s a couple of favourites from my fellow Bristol dwellers Mr Benn and Riddim Punks, if you’re feeling these then I highly recommend picking up the whole release and making sure you follow Nice Up! Records output. Also check out the Soca Carnival playlist I curated for them on their Spotify.

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Kaotik Kartel ft. Don Pree, Ric Wizard, JMan & Mistafire – Hot Grabba

As someone who stopped smoking marijuana many moons ago, it can take a lot for me to get excited about a ‘weed tune’ these days, this new Kaotik Kartel single is ‘a lot’! The full crew went out to Jamaica to record their album ‘Ease & Squeeze’ which is due out later this year, this track is the first taster and it features vocals from Jamaican artists Don Pree and Ric Wizard alongside KK’s own family members Jman and Mistafire.

If you’re at Boomtown this year, make sure you check out the Kaotik Kartel venue in Barrio Loco and catch their Thursday night set in the Hidden Woods.

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The Nextmen vs. Gentleman’s Dub Club feat. Gardna – Rudeboy

If you don’t hear the new album from The Nextmen & Gentleman’s Dub Club blasting from various tents or roaming mini rigs this Boomtown then I’d be surprised! They certainly have the most festival friendly line up of guests, including Hollie Cook, Kiko Bun, Chali 2na, Eva Lazarus, Parly B, Joe Dukie from Fat Freddy’s Drop and of course Gardna, who pops up on 4 tracks, including this excellent first single, which was a welcome reprieve from the usual pop fodder when it showed up on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ recently.

If you don’t hear the album at Boomtown, you can at least catch their live show this year. Considering most of the above are already playing it should be an epic set.

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I realise this is fairly last minute but Balter at Chepstown Race Course this weekend is one of those festivals that probably works rather well as a spur of the moment outing, so hopefully there’s some tickets left should you be looking for some serious naughtiness to get into. If you do end up there, come and catch me at the Disco Ball on Saturday (15:00-16:00). I’ll be going totally against the grain of the festival (as is the nature of the stage) with some seriously feel good Disco and House vibes… well, what’s the best way to be alternative at such an alternative affair right?

It’s really hard to recommend any acts at Balter, mainly because they’re all brilliant. However here’s my random lucky dip of people you should definitely check out whilst there.

Without a doubt one of the most exciting, energetic and interesting bands on he Balkan music circuit. Pás de Problème hail from Lisbon and their style is heavy on the Punk and even Jazz but they are 100% jump up vibes.

E-Coli is actually one of the main organisers of the event so he’s bound to get some strong support for his live set with Clowncore underground legend Ed Cox. For a little taste check out their version of the class anti-facist anthem ‘Bella Ciao’.

There’s so much great DNB and Jungle at Balter that it’s hard to pick any one act but I’m going to go with Kelvin 373 B2B Selecta J-Man because it gives me the chance to post one of my current favourite mixes up (above). In fact the whole Born On Road crew will be there, with at least some members clashing in the Tremor Soundsystem Vs Rumble In The Jungle head to head on Sunday night also.

If none of the above is quite hard enough for you, then the debut UK show from The Satan himself should definitely interest you. Heavyweight PRSPCT Hardcore at it’s finest.

You probably won’t remember any more if I told you anyway, if you want to know more then check out their website. If you#ve not bought a ticket yet then follow this link.

See you in the field.

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Dynamite is blowing up right now! Sorry couldn’t resist that, but seriously he is on a roll big time. For this latest track he calls in fellow Vincy artist Kevin Lyttle, who recorded one of the biggest Soca tunes of all time with his early noughties classic ‘Turn Me On’.

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