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Return Of The Boom Bap

This weekend I was supposed to play Boom Bap Festival, but for one reason or another it didn’t end up happening (I’m not gonna bitch about it, I know how tough it is putting a festival together). I was a … Continue reading

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Lesson’s Learned

So the little baby from Labyrinth and Jim Henson’s daughter grew up and made a film. I don’t know if I feel old or just plain excited.

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Your Love (Is Taking Me Higher)

Happiest tune of the weekend award goes to this Funk & Soul band from Melbourne, Australia. Be warned you’ll have to pick up the whole album if you buy from Bandcamp but there are some other fantastic tracks on there. … Continue reading

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Gig At Glastonbury

Watching the ‘highlights’ on TV last night, you’d swear it was a different festival to the one we played. I’ve never seen such an average assemblage of people on TV outside of daytime game shows. However this is partly what … Continue reading

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Soviet Style

Only yesterday I was thinking how unfair it was that we have to wait until September for the new Soviet Suprem album, when they dropped this new video to whet our appetites even further. Soviet Supreme are Parisian duo, John … Continue reading

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Down In Mexico

Saw an amazing Mexican band in Fusion called Los de Abajo. Sent me off on a bit of a Mexican music mission and I’ve uncovered everything from Surf Ska to Gypsy Cumbia. Here’s a couple of newly released tracks from … Continue reading

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Extra BoomTune

I was a little premature with my June BoomTunes round up so here’s a new one from New Town Kings who rocked it last year on the Chinatown Courtyard.

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