What kind of music do My Nu Leng make? I’m never quite sure what to call that breeding ground of British bass music that takes in elements from House, Breaks, Bassline, Grime, Dancehall, UKG, Dubstep and countless other influences, I just know that I really like it. It’s also a sound that works perfecftly at Boomtown, unsurprising really when you consider that we cover all of the individual parts, so the bastard offspring of these strains is bound to be ripe for the raving with us.

With that in mind, I’m very glad to see a Saucy Records takeover at the Spaceport this chapter. They have totally nailed that sound with some seriously quality releases over the past few years. Barely Royal & Bunnie, Inkline,Tru Fonix, Underground Traffic and Licked will all be representing for the label, so I wanted to just highlight some of their more recent releases, focusing mostly on these artists playing, but starting with this…

Echoes & Knights – System Collapse

Although these guys have shortened their name to just Echo Knight, this recent release on Saucy remains under their original moniker. I’m pretty sure this is the label’s first official video too. Sadly these guys aren’t down to play this year, but I couldn’t leave them out. This track reminds me as much of Leftfield as My Nu Leng (who featured this on their Essential Mix, with 3 other Saucy Records tracks) , plus Cordless on vocals also brings to mind MC M.A.D. on Groove Armada’s ‘Superstylin’.

Barely Royal – Fire In The Dark ft LØ (Inkline Remix)

The original is a rare solo excursion from Barely Royal. He’s normally alongside Bunnie, and indeed it will be both of them at Boomtown this year. I was torn between posting this version or the more UKG original, but this would definitely be my preferred choice for playing out and as there hasn’t been an official Inkline release on the label for a few months, it’s the perfect way to include him too. That said, you should also check out his free ‘Care Package’ EP with Taiki Nulight that dropped recently.

Tru Fonix – LO

Jheeze, this tune is just a beast! As far as I know the name of this track has nowt to do with the singer on the Barely Royal release I just posted above, although I admit that I did try and make the connection for a while. The flipside of this Saucy release also features Bristol bass music producer Culprate.

If you like this then definitely check out their Jaguar Skills collaboration ‘Stop Drop Bounce’ with Soca don Kerwin Prescott aka Mad Hed City, who also featured on The Prototypes’ ‘Pop It Off’ and D-Dots ‘Miss Thing‘ that was released today.

Underground Traffic – Neil Didnt Help

This is the title track from Underground Traffic’s new EP on the label. An ultra-moody Bassline affair that maybe needs to be played through massive speakers for proper effect, but all the more reason to go and watch him play at Spaceport.

Midnight Phulin – Droppin Suttin

Even though Midnight Phulin aren’t booked to come and play either, I couldn’t mention the label without including this new single, it’s one of my favourites and I really can’t wait to hear it out. I know it’s bound to send me wild! In fact I might need to play it myself tonight at Grinagog Festival in Torquay!

The only ones left to cover from the Spaceport line-up is Licked, who are label head honchos Marc and Sam. Although they don’t seem to really get involved on the production side, if you’ve made it this far down the post, you’ll no doubt appreciate one of their mixes. Here’s their latest for ‘We are Rebel Bass’.

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