Olatunji – Bodyline (on X Factor)

Now this was certainly a surprise today. I’m guessing this happened over the weekend as I’m just seeing it now on my Facebook feed but for those who don’t know, Olatunji is one of my favourite Soca artists, and although the tune he performs on here (the System 32 produced ‘Bodyline’) certainly splits opinion (in fact I can honestly say I’ve not heard another DJ play it) for me it provided the perfect transition as I moved away from Big Swing Sound and concentrated more on my love for Soca music, which has dominated my DJ sets over the last few years and led to being a co-host of the Super Soca Show on Ujima 98FM.

To be honest, I’ve always been surprised at how little pick up ‘Bodyline’ had when it was released compared to how popular it could be. The reaction he receives here just goes to show there’s scope for a crossover hit on his hands and although I’m no great flag waver for the likes of X Factor or mainstream success, as a huge Soca fan, this kind of attention can help to build bridges and break down barriers for a bunch of other artists to at least get to perform here in the UK. Plus as a supporter of Olatunji and his music, I obviously wish him all the best for wherever he wants take his career.

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